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This blog is not, not, NOT a nice, cozy blog…I have other blogs for that (cooking, knitting, natural remedies) though some positive stuff is here. It originally started out being my one blog, but over time, others developed and this became a catch-all for the darker articles from the news, among other things, that I wanted to file. And there are some very good things here, too, but they don’t fall into the area of mainstream interests.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that things are really changing out there. Twenty years ago, people were encouraged to be open about themselves and who they really were, and tell their stories. Ten years ago, one of my volunteer organizations encouraged the sharing of personal stories as it helped to support the work we were doing. It was great, and you felt more bonded to other volunteers as a result. Now such opening up in a group setting may get you the suggestion you get some counseling. Not that that is necessarily a bad idea, but The Global Village concept is changing. What used to be something freeing, now seems politically incorrect, and speaking openly is sneaking underground.

These days people, and certainly young people, don’t tell jokes like they used to, out of fear of political correctitude. I think of the gentleman who asked, “Ladies, do any of you have a pair of scissors?” being investigated by Ontario Hydro for sexual harassment years ago, for simply using the word ladies. The executive director threw it out, but it had to rise to his rank via many people who lacked the common sense to do so. But it belied a trend, and I wish I had had this blog at the time, in which to store the story (it happened across the street from where I worked).

Pranks are gone. Mimicking others when telling a story is now outright evil. Wit used to be fun fencing with words, but grammar is no longer taught, and without the understanding of its incredible logic, wit is often misinterpreted as scathing nastiness. Flirting is risky business. I miss sexual innuendos and wolf whistles. They used to just connote approval for the feminine allure; not all such approval came from sexual predators. I find it rather ironic that you can use the ‘c’ word on prime time TV and everything is about greed, covetousness, adultery, murder and people munching on each other, but anything to do with good clean (and fun) sex is becoming increasingly taboo (as is wearing Tabu).

Heavens, just saying I was straight got the knickers of a coworker in a twist, and she started telling me it was alright to be gay. I am not a homophobe, but I am straight (just saying) the point of which she completely missed. So not wishing to offend was twisted into an offense.

Having heated intellectual discussions about politics and issues of faith strikes me as verboten these days, and reminds me of living in France where vestiges of memories of the Reign of Terror still affect society. So that is understandable, but should it continue to be tolerated? The refusal to discuss such things got the French entangled with the Germans, now didn’t it, whereas having things out in the albeit-emotional open might have save a few million lives.

In 1983 the main part of my job was to interview refugee professionals, and I saw them coming in from Iran and Iraq. I heard terrible stories, and people were trying to escape. They warned that the plan was ultimately to take over the world, so we would be seeing more and more coming here. There are more current articles that are very much in line with the things they were telling me 40 years ago. So 40 years ago, people just knew things were kinda bad over there. Now ‘conservative right-wingers’ are waking up and concerned, whereas the ‘liberals’ are opening borders, running economies into the ground, and painting the more traditional supporters of their sovereignty as enemies, and closing a blind eye to the real Enemy.

We are living in the Interesting Times the Chinese wish upon those they curse.

I am an advocate of free speech (not yellow journalism and hate speech), and discussion. And you cannot correct societal ills if you never turn over the rock and look at the rolly pollys that cause the problem. I just happen to be one of those weirdos do. So I have gay people in my life, and Sikhs, and right-wing Christians, and Muslims who happen to love the God of Abraham among many other people that could be ‘typed’. I do not have sexual predators in my life, nor jihadists. I encourage people to understand the difference, however, and to develop their own discretionary skills.

So this blog is where I file the negative stuff, and included here are articles on various subjects from conservative Christian topics and immigration trends, to movements about American politics. Who knows? Pictures of Niburu may wind up here (by the way, if it is out there, why can’t we see it?)

If you have no taste for the bizarre or troubling, please enter at your own risk. And don’t assume my postings paint with too much clarity a picture of me until you’ve read my other blogs, which are very positive and instructive. Then you will see these rather dark articles appeal to one of the several facets of my character, which is complex.

Or can I say that? Is ‘complex’ the new cuckoo?

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  1. Beautiful Sylvia,
    All the best and waiting to read and savour on more creative ideas.


  2. Soon I will be posting a page on prayers here, as I am busy collecting the favourite prayers of my friends, who might then want to use them in their own pastoral visits or prayer times.

    So keep watching!


  3. Can I sell the finished,product from the circle crochet shrug. Thanks


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