Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | October 13, 2016

Video: The Fabric Of Time

Exploring the scientific examinations of The Shroud, The Fabric Of Time brings us to the present with several of the original NASA scientists on the STURP team (some of whom were secular Jews) that originally tested The Shroud years ago. A video made at that time, The Shroud, showed that The Shroud was not a forgery, was not painted but formed from an unknown type of radiation that we cannot replicate, and is from an area limited to about 100 km around Jerusalem, by some of the pollen in it, and the thorns used were from a bush that grows in that region. Also using military reconnaissance technology, the 2-dimensional surface lent 3-dimensional topography, which photographs could not do. The weave of the cloth was also particular to the Levant at that time. That video I have on VHS, but I cannot find it on DVD, but it was mind-blowing back when I showed it to my staff 20 years ago.

This latest video uses modern technology to show that The Shroud’s carbon dating is two-fold; the medieval dates were from fibers taken from the corners, which had been repaired after a fire, whereas the fibers from the main cloth go back 2,000 years. Also, the ‘event horizon’ indicated by analyzing the distortion rate of the 3-dimensional image on the cloth indicates the body was in a flexed state of rigor mortis, and floating, at the time of the event, which science relates to as a type of black hole. Further, the cloth is not only a quantum hologram, but an x-ray as well (discussed in the link above).

An on-line article, The Shroud Being A Quantum Hologram And X-Ray, can be found at:\

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