Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | January 18, 2016

Teen girl dies after ritual circumcision procedure

This is supposed to be ‘religious’, but there is nothing in the Qu’ran about female circumcision or infibulation. It is simply cultural misogyny.

Suhair al-Bata’a

By: Moses Gold

A teen girl died after a religious ritual circumcision procedure was performed on her.

The 13-year-old Egyptian girl has died while undergoing the circumcision in a village near Cairo, despite being officially outlawed under the Mubarak regime.

“We left our daughter with the doctor and nurse. Fifteen minutes later, the nurse took my daughter out of the operating room to a nearby room, along with three other girls that the doctor has circumcised,” Mohammed Ibrahim, a farmer, said.

“I waited half an hour, hoping that my daughter would wake up, but unfortunately, unlike the other girls, she did not,” he said.
Police ordered an autopsy on the girl, named Suhair al-Bata’a, and called the doctor to determine the cause of death of the teen.
A health inspector’s report said the cause of death was due to “a sharp drop in blood pressure as a result of trauma shock,” the family’s lawyer, Abdel Salam said.

Female genital mutilation or FGM, is an ancient custom in Egypt, and its history dates back to before Islam and Christianity. The practice is still widespread, and Egyptian activists say it affects the lives of up to 90 percent of the female population.
Egypt criminalized all forms of FGM in 2008 and human rights monitors say the number of girls subjected to the operation has been reduced by about one third.

National Council of Women of Egypt condemned the recent death as a criminal act that reflects “extreme savagery”, asking the government to investigate the matter and punish the guilty.

UNICEF Egypt has also condemned the incident, saying that female circumcision has no medical or religious justification.

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