Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | January 9, 2016

Sharia’s Subjugation Of Women – Don’t Let This Happen Here!

Sharia Law: Muslim Woman Brutally Caned For ‘Crime’ Of Standing Too Close To A Man

by Geoffrey Grider

Hundreds of people gathered outside a mosque in Indonesia to see a woman scream out in agony after being caned as a punishment for being in ‘close proximity’ to a man she wasn’t married to.

A lot of people in America are not really concerned about Islam and Sharia Law because they really don’t understand what they are all about. Many Americans naively assume that Islam is “just another religion” and don’t really give it much thought. Well, you should think about it. In nations where Islam and Sharia Law are in control, it is a nightmare right off the pages of the Heinrich Himmler Nazi playbook. Sharia Law is a death sentence in any country where it is applied.

Nur Elita was marched to the yard of Baiturrahumim Mosque in Banda Aceh for violating the region’s strict Sharia laws, after she allegedly showed affectionate behaviour to a fellow university student.

Iran Infuriated By Film Of Woman’s Stoning:

GRAPHIC WARNING: This is not an reenactment, the woman being stoned to death here is real. She is being killed because Sharia Law demands that she be killed for her crime of adultery. There are not multiple forms of Sharia Law, this is it.

Under the law men and women, who are not spouses, are not allowed to get too close due to the the ‘khalwat’ offence and punishment is by public caning. After being brought to the stage as the crowd cheered, the woman was forced to kneel down while a masked man repeatedly whipped her with the cane.

She received five lashes and at the end of the punishment could be seen lying on the floor doubled over in pain. Eventually she was carried off the stage, into an ambulance, and had to be taken to hospital. Also being caned was the man she was accused of getting too close to and he was forced to stand while being whipped.

So the next time you hear people talking about Islam and Sharia Law, you can tell them exactly what Sharia Law is and what it entails. Sharia Law is the brutal repression and torture of free people under the guise of religious ideology, designed to enslave and subjugate them. This is exactly what Nazi Germany was based on. It has no place in human society.


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