Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | March 2, 2015

Fire & ISIS

In the Middle East, the terrorists’ savagery continues — not just against flesh and blood but against the world’s ancient traditions. In Mosul, ISIS has been leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, as it sets fire to thousands of great works, destroying some of the world’s largest collections of religious texts. In Western Iraq alone, ISIS managed to burn 100,000 titles.

As it abducts Assyrian Christians from Syria (more than 200 in the last handful of days), the barbarians are obliterating a treasure trove of biblical history along the way. Even the tomb of Jonah wasn’t spared, as extremists exploded the site sacred to three of the world’s largest faiths. That’s no accident, RedState points out. “The Christian communities victimized by ISIS are very ancient ones. They are descendants of some of the first people evangelized by the Apostles. Now they are being persecuted in horrific ways by the Islamic State, and this latest mass abduction is the latest regrettable episode of it.”

And what do we hear from the Obama administration? Crickets. (Thanks, in part, to officials like CIA Director John Brennan, who believe we cannot criticize “jihad” because it is a “legitimate tenet of Islam.”) What happened in World War II was brutal, but this is evil unmasked. Eighty years ago, the Nazis behaved much in the same way that ISIS is behaving today.

Whoever burns books will burn men. ISIS is doing both. The Nazis did both. When the Muslim Brotherhood first appeared in Egypt in 1928, it was inspired by the Nazi movement in Germany. They may not have been linked formally, but the Muslim Brotherhood studied and admired the way the Nazis penetrated all elements of government, church, and civil societies. Most importantly, they shared the Nazi’s anti-Semitism.

In fact, the first man to envision flaming towers collapsing in Manhattan was not Osama bin Laden, but Adolf Hitler. He worked on plans to launch bombers against New York City, which he regarded as the capital of the Jewish world conspiracy. Both terrorists sought the same ends. And unless our President wakes up, we need only to look to history to see what’s to come.

From the Family Research Council
February 28, 2015

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