Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | March 8, 2012

Shucky’s Regimen For Colds And Flu

There are colds all around me, and pneumonia…meanwhile, I’ve had another winter with only a couple of days of sniffles here and there instead of the weeks of bronchitis I used to endure, so it’s time to share…My regimen for colds and flu costs a little to start up, but once you have everything, it’s very cheap to maintain and saves a LOT of money in the long run. It consists of:

· Ajwain (Indian Thyme), available in Asian grocery stores – a pinch in your tea 3 x per day until your cold is gone, or over salad; it’s loaded with the antiviral thymol

· Siberian Ginsing (the ingredient in Cold Effex, but a lot cheaper), from the drug store – 2 tablets 3 x per day

· Oil of Oregano – 1 drop in water, 3 x per day; a powerful anti-bacterial that hits the bad ones

· Thyme Essential Oil – 3 drops in 1 tsp. of olive oil, smoothed over your wet body after a hot shower; especially over the throat, chest, and soles of the feet, more thymol, from the outside in

· Vic’s Vapo Rub – on the soles of your feet at bedtime to help sooth coughs; eucalyptus and camphor to open up the sinuses

· Unpasteurized honey to mix with fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar, half and half as a syrup for sore throat, or diluted in hot water after catching a chill or before bed when you’re coming down with something; this keeps the body from becoming acidic, a shift which has been proven to decreases the body’s ability to fight illnesses (it’s true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away – because of this!!!)

· 5 HTP (hydroxyl-tryptophan, the amino acid found in turkey and watermelon) – 1 before bedtime for natural sleep; this is a precursor to serotonin (3 a day for depression and anxiety when needed)

Other than that, eat fresh foods and proteins while avoiding wheat and white ( refined, dairy, and sugary foods which overwhelm the immune system)…and drink lots of teas and lemon water.



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