Posted by: Shucky | October 15, 2011

Crochet An Oval Rug

I’m so excited by this one…this was in the latest Purple Kitty Yarns newsletter that I get, and I have been looking for it for years. Why? Because a friend of my mother’s commissioned one for me in pink as a Christmas present, when I was 10 years old. It was so nice that I used it until I was 23, when it was stolen!!! If you have the time and inclination, do make it – you won’t be sorry! Just visit the Purple Kitty at:

Oval Rug

This free pattern originally published in Rugs, Sweaters, Pot Holders, Lamp Shades, Book No. 107.

Materials: HOME-TIES KENTUCKY SOFT SPUN RUG YARN—Crochet Hook Size “J” or 9—For 22″ x 30″ Rug—Working from center—2 Skeins Colonial Green (8 Rounds)—2 Skeins Cocoa Brown (5 Rounds)—3 Skeins Dark Green (5 Rounds)—4 Skeins Dark Brown (6 Rounds)—Other Colors as desired.

To Start: Using 2 strands of yarn, make foundation chain of 21, turn on 2nd ch from hook and sc 40 around the chain (20 sc on each side of ch). 2nd Round—Continue to sc around, increasing twice at each end. 3rd Round—Continue to sc around, increasing 3 times at each end. 4th and following Rounds—Continue to sc around, increasing only at ends, and only as required to keep rug flat. If rug begins to turn up it is because it requires more frequent increasing at ends. Be sure not to increase at same point at ends in succeeding rounds to avoid forming an undesirable pattern. Work a slip stitch over last row for improved edge.

To Change Colors: Break off the yarn, leaving a 3″ length, and slip this through the back of the next stitch. Turn rug around about half way and start with the new color. Continue to sc around as before, and when you come to the 3″ length of the previous color, carry it in with the new color. This manner of joining colors will give complete and even rows. (Do not start a new color at point where you break off old color.)



  1. Thank you so much for rug pattern. It was just what I needed. You’re a life saver!


  2. I’ve wanted to make this lovely rug for a while! But where does one locate a suitable “heavily weighted” rug yarn these days? All the thicker yarns seem to be lighter in weight, for blankets? The old Aunt Lydia rug yarn was much heavier than today’s version. Oh well, my quest continues…
    Happy hooking, & thanks so much for the reminder post!


  3. Really a nice rug, love it


  4. When you say increase twice, you mean do 1 incr in one stitch and second in next stitch? or do 2 increases in the same stitch? 🙂 Sorry I am begginer in this so I wanted to be clear about that 🙂


    • Hi, Magladena. I did one increase in each of two stitches, though if the fabric begins to warple, you could skip a couple before the second increase to keep it flat. I think if you did two in one, you would get more of a warped arrowhead happening…which might be good if you have the patience and wool to try it out…and be okay if it didn’t work out well.


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