Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | September 30, 2011

The US Economy & The Prophetic

If you are not interested in the prophetic, and by association, intercessory prayer, please delete this message, as I do not wish to annoy anyone.

Sid Roth is a Christian Jew who has a series on TV, and I personally enjoy watching his broadcasts which are also available on his site. Last week and again this week he had a guest, messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who has written a couple of books about what is happening to the US, particularly its economy, because of its apostasy. He uses Scripture and aligns it with historical facts and important dates pertaining to the US.

For example, the first thing the American fathers did was consecrate the nation, being led in prayer by George Washington at the chapel in New York that stands on the corner of Ground Zero. This miraculously escaped the destruction of 911 by being protected by the famous sycamore (a type of fig) tree under which the NY stock exchange was created. But he goes much deeper than that.

Please read Isaiah 9:10. It is interesting that two American leaders who quoted this verse in defiance after 911 wound up in disgrace. President Obama has also quoted it, but none of these men led the nation in repentance, which is the point of the Scripture. It is also interesting that the sycamore at Ground Zero was replaced by a conifer (the word translated as cedar).

Please give this a prayerful listen at and pass this on to anyone you know who has an interest in the prophetic and praying for our nations.


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