Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | August 29, 2011

The Mark Of The Beast – The Oath To Allah?



Joel Richardson – The Return Is Near – YouTube.

Perhaps the Mark of the Beast will be a microchip, but in these last days, Joel has explained some terminology in the Bible that Middle Easterners would understand, that we Westerners just don’t get; e.g., ‘beast’ = empire. The emergence of the (eastern) Roman Empire may be Turkey, which ‘died’ in 1924 and is quickly coming back to life – remember the mortal blow to the Beast’s head?. So the Mark of that Beast may be the beya, the oath to Allah, the moon god counterfeit to Yaweh. (My personal belief is that the cutting off of the head and fingers of the ‘infidel’ covers an attack by Satan on the Jewish use of phylacteries in prayer.)

Listen – and learn! And Google more interviews with Joel, or Sid Roth, for more clarifications in these end days.


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