Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | September 15, 2010

How To Crochet Ric-Rac

Di sent this in…from Kate at

  • I am using US crochet terminology.
  • I usually use a size 2 hook but its fun to experiment. The smaller the hook-the smaller the ric-rac, the bigger the hook, the bigger the ric-rac.
  • I use 4ply mercerised cotton but its fun to experiment with different plies and yarns.
  • My words describe the picture above them.
  • The stitches I am using are chain (ch) and double crochet (dc).

STEP ONE – Chain four.

STEP TWO – dc into the fourth chain from the hook, ie. the first chain you made.

STEP THREE – Do another dc into the same chain as in step two, chain, then do a final dc into the same chain.

STEP FOUR – Chain three.

STEP FIVE – Turn your work so that the crochet you just did is up the top as per the photo.
Then do two dc’s, chain and another dc into the chain space from the previous round.
Then chain three. and turn.

STEP SIX – Repeat step five until you reach your desired length.
Always ch3 after each cluster and then turn.
Fasten off.
Stitch onto skirts, socks, quilts, cushions, frames, cards, dresses, tops, pants… anything really.

Here’s the whole thing again in crochet language;
Chain 4 (only this once)
(2dc, ch1, dc) in fourth chain from hook, ch3, turn
(2dc,ch1,dc) in ch1 space from previous row, ch3 turn. Repeat this line until you reach the length you want.



  1. This tutorial was not put together by “Di” but was originally posted by Kate at – this post should be removed or edited to give the proper credit to the lady who did all the hard work.


    • Thanks for the information, Ange! When Di receives such information by email, she may not get the information about the originator. But she’s always keeping an eye out for us with anything new and unique!


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