Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | August 24, 2010

Do-Gooders Shunned, Too…

Moochers and Do-Gooders Both Shunned, Study Finds

By Charles Q. Choi

The fact that groups of people typically choose to expel selfish individuals is no surprise. But new research suggests such troops often want to kick out generous members as well.

This counterintuitive behavior could be rooted in how such giving people make others feel bad, or simply in how they stand out from the crowd, researchers suggest.

Kicking out do-gooders

Initially, psychologists were investigating if groups would tolerate individuals who contributed little toward group endeavors but also mooched little of the subsequent payoffs. The researchers told 104 college students they were each in groups of five, in which each member interacted via computer. In reality the other four members were played by the computer


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