Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | August 19, 2010

When Camping…Using A Dutch Oven

When Camping…

How to control approximate cooking temperatures using a 12″ cast-iron Dutch oven.

Temperature Fahrenheit Temperature Celsius Briquettes (or coals) on top of Dutch oven Briquettes (or coals) under Dutch oven
325 163 16 7
350 177 17 8
375 190 18 9
400 204 19 10
425 218 21 10
450 232 22 11

There are outdoor Dutch ovens and indoor Dutch ovens. The outdoor type has feet on the bottom to raise it above coals, and a flat, rimmed lid to hold coals on top. –Karl Hebert

I’ve seen recipes for baking biscuits in the lid on top, while the stew simmers below. However, you could lay the biscuits across the stew and then load the lid up with coals (as above) and just have tasty dumplings instead.


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