Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | July 28, 2010

Free Fun Puzzles With Which To Keep Your Mind

If you are like me, middle-aged with your memory beginning to slip, you might want to think about exercising it. Studies show that you can keep your brain in good shape by playing games, but more importantly, learning. This is evidently the time to learn a second language.

I haven’t taken up German yet, but I am always on the lookout for new puzzle games (it took me three years to get the hang of Sudoku without wanting to cry…now I’m struggling with logic games – but it’s coming!). Personally, I’d rather play Sudoku from a book, as on-line, the auto-fills make it too easy. I found the best Sudoku magazine came from the UK, but I’m am not often at the airport magazine stand in Montreal, and have not yet found anyplace in Brampton that sells it.

Some very neat puzzle games I have found here at are Red Remover and Factory Balls. Red Remover has video walk-throughs (cheats for the truly frustrated), but with Factory Balls, you are stuck having to figure them out…but trust me, it’s possible! Or try wearing God’s shoes and create a world complete with evolutionary life when you play Doodle God.

Release your inner child and check them out!

Kongregate: Play free games online.


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