Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | July 22, 2010

Saving Money On Cleaniners Around The House

Save Money On Laundry

Put some cheap shampoo or hand soap from the dollar store on any spots or ring-around-the-collar; these products are made with sodium lauryl sulphate, and while not the greatest chemicals to wind up in your liver, they do dissolve sebum and oils quite well.

For very soft whites and cottons (or baby clothes), grind up very cheap soap from the dollar store, and mix it half-and-half with laundry soda or borax…use ¼ c for a normal wash using hot water. Or, buy a large, bulk bottle of cheap hand soap and use ¼ c. for a normal load, using warm water for darks and colours. Then put ¼ c. white vinegar in the rinse cycle. Not only is this better for the environment and your skin, but you will only use detergent when you absolutely need it.

You can also use white vinegar instead of detergent for anything that just needs to be freshened, without any spots; but do keep your colours separate.

If you have a fine blouse with sequins or embroidery that you want to take special care of, just hang it in the shower and give it a shower…then let it drip dry. If the armpits are fragrant, just give them a shampoo before showering.

Cheap Stain Removers

Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your laundry; it is the main ingredient in non-chlorine, oxygenating bleaches.

Keep some cheap white toothpaste with an old toothbrush for stain removal with your laundry products. My niece once told me not to panic when she had spilled red nail polish on my beautiful white, White Stag skirt. She rubbed it out with nail polish remover, which left an oily red residue, then scrubbed it with Listerine toothpaste, let it dry out for a day, then tossed it into the wash. And was I astonished that it came out perfectly white. Again, the principal ingredient is sodium lauryl sulphate, a chemical surfactant, but the talc helps draw oils.

Talcum powder can be heavily sprinkled on an oil stain to draw out the oil…especially helpful with books and homework. If it’s soaked through the page, do one side every several hours until the oil has been absorbed by the talc.

Save Money On Dry Cleaning

Toss your garment into your dryer on a low-heat setting, with a clean washcloth that has been wetted and wrung out, for 20 minutes. If the garment is fragrant, add a few drops of Detol or Dr. Errol to the wet washcloth, and the steam in the dryer should take care of any odour.

Your other option is to invest in a Dryel Kit from Walmart…well worth the money, it contains a large zipper bag, wet cleaning sheets to put in the bag, and a bottle of spotting solution for pre-treating any stains or spots.

Make A Green All-Purpose Cleaner

For an all-purpose cleaner, into a 1-litre bottle pour:

¼ c. white vinegar

¼ c. household ammonia

2 T. baking soda

Water to fill

This will work in a spray bottle, but you may want to dilute it first. Just make sure the baking soda is dissolved.

You can put some in the sink with a little water to wash down the bathroom, or in your mop bucket. It gets rid of pet and mildew smells very well, and when the ammonia evaporates, leaves surfaces fresh.

Put the mix in your Bissell carpet cleaner, then top up with hot water. That will save you quite a bit of money right there, and you will very pleased with the results.

When you mop, use very hot water and add 1 tsp. of baby (mineral) oil. This will give a very light, not slippery, shine to the floors and will help wood from getting too dry.

Green Air Fresheners

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet 10 minutes before vacuuming. Brush it in well first if you have pets, of if the carpet is in the basement (I use a deck broom on my carpets to loosen pet hair and brush in the baking soda).

I also use crushed green cardamom, or mixed spices on my rugs if I am doing a last-minute vacuum before company comes.

If you want a liquid air freshener spray, use white vinegar diluted with water. Spray the air, then go wipe down your glass surfaces. When it dries, the air will be much sweeter.

Green Silver Cleaner

Put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of a pot big enough to immerse the silver you want to polish, and make sure the silver is touching the foil at all points of contact. Add a few teaspoons of baking soda and cover with water, then put over low heat until the tarnish is gone. Don’t let two pieces of silver touch each other while cleaning, or you may get black spots and you’ll have to do it again.

Better Toilet Cleaners

Put some of your all-purpose mix into a recycled toilet-duck bottle. If you want a soapy consistency, use your cheap hand soap and dilute it with your all-purpose cleaner.

If you don’t have the toilet-duck bottle, just use a brush. Flush the toilet and sprinkle some baking soda around the sides, add a squirt of hand soap, and brush. Let it sit a few minutes, brush again, and flush.



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