Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | July 21, 2010

No Mosques At Ground Zero

This is  a great blog for people with strong opinions (like me) to visit!

I can’t believe that tolerance to the political egregore of radical Islam is considered to be religious tolerance. Communism is not tolerated in the US but is that only because it is a philosophy, and not considered a religion? It seems to me that if a ‘religion’ undermines the freedom of religion, it is no more a faith than communism;  and in a democracy, if extremists outvote the ‘tolerant’, God help us all…one day, good Muslims may have to hide Christians and Jews to follow their consciences.

We’ve been here before, folks. Nazism was tolerated until it was too late, then we had to fight against Nazi soldiers who were either Lutheran or Catholic ‘Christians’, and whole nations deceived into believing that Christ blessed their murdering the weak and infirm, His Father’s Chosen People, and anyone else who didn’t fit into the design of Hitler’s ‘master race’.

Let’s not go tripping down this garden path again!

No Mosques At Ground Zero.


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