Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | July 16, 2010

  Aloo Pie (with Cucumber Chutney) Recipe — Lifespan of a Chennette

My friend Judith turned me on to Aloo Pies, which are so-o-o-o-o good.

You can use the potato filling in won ton wrappers and deep fry them to make samosas.

I can’t handle a lot of heat, but I find approaching medium with the help of a good ethnic recipe and Pickapeppa Sauce or cayenne is pretty tasty, and those who enjoy torture by Scotch Bonnet can always add some more hot sauce!

You might also want to experiment making your chutney with some yellow mango….yum-m-m-m-m…

Aloo Pie (with Cucumber Chutney) Recipe.



  1. Hi Sylvia – thanks for visiting my blog and of course trying the recipe! I also like aloo pies with a grated half-ripe mango (uncooked) chutney.


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