Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | May 31, 2010

It’s About Dalton McGuinty

Dear Dalton:

Since you are in tragic denial about how the people of this Province feel about your actions against their wishes, as evidenced by your responses to my letters to you, I thought I would pass on a little tidbit that crossed my desk this morning.

Personally, I’d like my money back. I’d also like the stewardship and care of my Province out of your hands.

It’s About Dalton McGuinty

Here is what our Premier has done for Ontario in the past seven years. Remember…..he had a no tax increase election message/campaign.

· He has increased all the licensing fees from your car to your boat including fishing and hunting.

· He introduced the health care premium (not called a tax) and some couples pay as much as $1,500.00 a year.

· He doubled the price of most lottery tickets.

· He has put EHC’s (again, not a tax) on many containers such as paint cans and window washer fluid most, which the industries pass on to the consumer on the final bill. However, Stewardship Ontario cannot tell us exactly for what these fees are paying, and are not monitoring the actual disposals of the containers.

· He put a disposal tax on all electronics.

· He put the disposal tax back on tires.

· He increased the hydro tax by 10% in April of 2010.

· He has increased the tax on liquor and wine by 10% in May of 2010.

· And now he has passed the HST tax – the largest tax on the province ever and the only other tax in Ontario that ever came close to this in the past was the health care premium. He passed this bill even though 76% of the people in Ontario were against it. This HST will provide the Province with an additional THREE BILLION dollars a year.

· Soon we will all have our SMART meters that we will have to pay rent on and will end up doing our laundry in the middle of the night. We are also going to pay big time for air conditioning from now on because when we need it the most it will be in the prime time of usage.

· Let us not forget the E-health scandal with 1.2 billion dollars wasted and paid out to friends and relatives. What was McGuinty’s answer to this? Well, if the people of Ontario don’t like it, they can show it in the next election. Nice attitude. This after he fired the CEO and then gave her a severance package of $300,000 – not bad for only being on the job for seven months.

· And what about the SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS for a windmill power plant contract that he awarded to Korea? When so many are unemployed in Ontario, this is an utter betrayal of the very people he is supposed to serve.

· He also closed the emergency rooms in Port Colburne and Fort Erie because there is not enough money. There have been two deaths since then because by the time they got to St. Catharine’s, it was too late.

· But he then awards a hospital in Toronto three million dollars – of course, that was in the riding where there just happens to be a by-election to replace George Smitherman!

· He has taken the richest, most prosperous province in Canada down to one of the poorest, and has created a deficit of TWENTY SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS and he still has a year-and-a-half to go.

· And don’t forget his nice little salary increase of $40,000.00 a year – millions of people in the province don’t earn even half of that.

· Have we forgotten all the MPP’S who also got a 14% increase? And now that they’ve had theirincreases he comes out with a new budget to freeze all provincial employees wages for two years – a bit late don’t you think?

· But McGuinty will retire with his comfortable pension and all his benefits paid by the people who voted for him.

Remember – not one Liberal MPP had enough intestinal fortitude to vote against any of the above.


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