Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | May 30, 2010

Make Your Own Non-Stick Coating

If you cook and bake a lot, this is truly worth the effort and the savings. You will need to hit the liquor store for vodka or alcool, and the health-food store for some liquid lecithin.

In a blender pour:

  • 1 mickey vodka/alcool (I’m in Canada, eh?)
  • 2 T. (heaping) liquid lecithin

Whir until the lecithin is dissolved from the side of the blender, then pour back into your mickey bottle, and mark it accordingly. (However, if you are living with an alcoholic, you may want to have some fun and not mark it at all! That’ll teach them to mess with your pantry!)

To use, just shake the mickey, fold some paper towel up and saturate it with the liquid, and wipe down your pans before baking. This works well on glass, iron, and steel, and I’ve used it on old non-stick pans that don’t non-stick anymore. Works like a charm, and the lecithin is very good for the nervous system.


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