Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | May 16, 2010

My Regimen For Colds & Flu

When I was a kid, I spent most of my Christmases on the couch with some illness or other for which I would be prescribed antibiotics, and I don’t know how many times they cancelled my tonsillectomy because I was always too sick to have surgery.

As an adult, I realized that I was always sick with colds and flu after I had taken antibiotics, so I stopped taking them for years, except when I had to take penicillin for Scarlet Fever during an epidemic in Quebec. The aftermath was what made me develop this regimen for myself and family.

My shopping list includes:

Thyme Essential Oil*

Oil Of Oregano for internal use

Siberian Ginsing

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

First off, I have to recognize when any of us are at risk of becoming ill. If unusually tired at the end of the day, feeling chilly, have been around a sick person, or if the temperature is going to drop, one’s urine may have turned alkaline, which is a good warning they are about to be sick. Instead of purchasing test strips at the pharmacy, just be proactive: take a hot bath or soak your feet in hot water before bedtime.

When I have symptoms:

  • I take two capsules/tablets of the Siberian Ginsing morning, noon, and night (six per day). This is the active ingredient in the very expensive Cold FX.
  • When we take the Siberian Ginsing, we add a drop or two of the Oil Of Oregano to the water we wash them down with (always check the label for use). This will deal with cold and flu germs internally.
  • After my morning shower, I add 3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil to 1 T. of extra-virgin olive oil, and massage it into my wet legs, chest, and throat. Then I gently towel dry. You may want to leave the chest and throat massage until bedtime, if you find the scent to intense for the workplace. This will deal with the germs externally.
  • It is also a good idea to put a tiny squirt of apple cider vinegar in your rinse water to reacidify your skin, which will enable it a less pleasant place for germs to live. I use this always, as it makes my skin and hair quite nice.
  • You can acidify your blood by taking 2 t. of apple cider vinegar (the organic type with mother in the vinegar) and 2 t. of unpasteurized honey in a glass of water, as often as you like. Just make sure you use a straw if you are going to drink it often, and brush your teeth before sleeping. The idea here is that if your blood is too acid for germs, you won’t need to generate a fever to kill them off.
  • If coughing disturbs our sleep, we rub some Vick’s VapoRub, Tiger Balm, or Chinese White Flower Oil on the soles of our feet; this helps reduce coughing when lying down.
  • Keep the fluid intake high with herbal teas and fresh, but less acidic, fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Rest your digestive system while ill by taking a break from all animal products and refined carbohydrates.

* If you don’t like the smell, buy some Ajwain (aka Indian Thyme), available at Asian groceries. The tea is fragrant and spicey, but if you don’t care for the flavour, you can purchase capsules at a bulk store, and make your own cold capsules, taking two to four per day.

Not only good for colds, this Ayurvedic remedy will help with stomach upsets, immune system support, and detoxification.

For a recipe for the Chai, see my Recipes …or just put a pinch of the seeds into a regular cup of tea.

And as always, if your cold symptoms get worse, go see your doctor!


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