Posted by: Sylvia, aka Shucky | May 15, 2010

Scratchy Dry Heels?

I have scratchy dry heels that drove me crazy at night when they scratched my legs, so I was in the habit of sanding them and creaming them, but nothing made them better. At least, not until last week when I read that castor oil, rubbed into your cracked heels, would sooth and smooth them overnight; just rub it in and wear socks to bed.

So I tried that.

Holy Moley! The next morning my heels looked and felt like someone else’s, certainly not mine. So at bed-time,  I’ve been rubbing it into my feet, my hair, and on skin tags…everything seems much improved.

To the point that I am knitting a night cap so I can do the oil treatments without staining my pillows.

The pattern I’m using is for a Victorian gentleman’s night cap circa 1830, only I am making it funky by using a sock yarn of chartreuse, deep turquoise, and cobalt blue. After all, I do have a rather colourful reputation to uphold.

Here is the pattern link for the night cap:

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